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Hvar Island, kroatien

Hvar Island, kroatien

Hvar Island kroatien

Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, located off the Dalmatian coast, lying between the islands of Brač, Vis and Korčula. The island of Hvar is unusual in the area for having a large fertile coastal plain, and fresh water springs. Its hillsides are covered in pine forests, with vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and lavender fields in the agricultural areas. The climate is characterized by mild winters, and warm summers with many hours of sunshine. The Town Square in Hvar is among the most beautiful and the largest in Croatia. There is also a fortress at the top of the hill with walls that encompass parts of the city. The Cathedral of St. Stephen dominates one end of the Town Square, and was built during the 16th and 17th centuries. The bell tower of this cathedral is four-stories high, with each level more elaborately decorated than the last. The cathedral was built over a previously existing cathedral that was destroyed by the Turks. Unique ceramics decorated with spiral ornaments in red, yellow, brown, and white were found at a Neolithic archeological site, Grapčeva špilja, near Hvar Town. Hvar is beautiful, crystal-clear blue sea, big green hills, clean air and lots of old stone. At sundown a stroll up old lanes from the square in Hvar Town leads up to another lane which, high above the others is extremely attractive and shouldn’t be missed.
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Split (SPU)
Nearby destinations
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  • Dela a 43,83 km
  • Trogir a 46,57 km

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